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Employees may be the life of your business, but absenteeism and fraid can cause massive headaches. Our investigation of an employee is sensitive and discreet. Call us on 02380 308274 or Email southampton@private-detectives.co.uk

Local Corporate Investigators examining the activities of employees who may be claiming false sickness absence, moonlighting in other jobs, or other misdemeanour

Computer forenisics IT investigation
Investigation of Employees for HR

Subtle and discreet investigation of the activities of an employee or member of staff who may be unduly absent, or causing problems within the company. We will make an accurate assessment of the true position in a manner that does not conflict with employment legislatiion

Moonlighting Staff

Your employees work for you - but do they also work for someone else - perhaps a competitor or other agency injurious to your business? Effective surveillance may be the key

Theft at Work

Someone stealing at work will not only damage your enterprise, it will damage staff morale. It may be the position that you wish to contain things internally wthout involving the police. We investigate internally, possibly using in-house forensic expertise such as fingerprinting or computer forensics

Employees are not the only problem effecting a business. We are expert in Corporate Investigation in Hampshire & have helped many firms

Corporate Investigation southampton & hampshire

Fingerprint evidence is conclusive & when used in an employee investigation will determine guilt or innocence in theft issues


Forensic analysis of a laptop or computer terminal, determining time usage and revuilding deleted files to obtain definitive evidence

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